Security Division

Based on the success of El Seif Development Company in implementing high-tech projects in several domains the security division was established in 2021 to serve the following security scope:-

  • Cargo¬† screening with state of the art technologies including high energy scanning , both fixed and mobile scanners
  • Body and baggage scanners
  • Smart AI and Integration solutions including smart building solutions
  • Security Networked imaging solutions
  • Command and Control Facilities
  • Advanced Border Fencing and perimeter control sensing
  • Physical Security solutions
  • Smart Surveillance Solutions
  • Vehicle identification , inspection and tracking solutions

El Seif Development Company established Varex Imaging Arabia in 2017 as a local company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in partnership with the world-renowned Varex Imaging company in the field of security x-ray systems which provides supply and  maintenance work and spare parts supply for high-energy x-ray systems located in most border and customs ports in Saudi Arabia.

The El Seif Security Division is equipped not only with state of the art technology products and solutions , but also supported by experienced top level trained and certified engineers , specialized in the implementation of advanced security projects and after sales service technical support including advanced service management structure.

El Seif has recently won multiple projects in Constructing, installing, servicing and operating high energy X-Ray security systems in the kingdom.