Faisal Musaed El Seif Collection Office

About The Office

El Seif office for Collection was established to help companies in certification and collection of their receivables. El Seif Development Company has set up a subsidiary registered at the Ministry of Commerce under registration no. 1010463959 dated 3/12/1437H and collection of receivables license no. 1626 dated 3/12/1437H. The subsidiary is an establishment under the name of “The Office of Faisal Musaed El Seif for Collections of Receivables”. The Ministry of Commerce has authorized this establishment to collect receivables on behalf of any business/individuals to any private or government entities/ individuals in Saudi Arabia.

As a limited liability company operating in the health care sector of Saudi Arabia, El Seif Development Group has successfully managed to collect around Billion Saudi Riyals since its establishment, which relates to El Seif Development Group receivables and indirectly to some manufacturers receivables working in the Saudi market under El Seif. Our track record has been the best in the market so far, measured by the average collection of receivables and also measured by the very low write-offs the company’s write-off every year.

According to some experts in the market including internal and external advisors along with some auditing firms, El Seif is rated number 1 in terms of collection in the medical sector of Saudi Arabia.

By the establishment of the El Seif collection office dedicated to health care, El Seif became a pioneer company encouraging direct foreign investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.