El Seif Development Co.


Target Product:

Depends actually on:

  • Customers Actual Needs [Customer Driven Policy]
  • Expected Future Needs & Market Trends
  • Product Information Package:

    Once the product has proven as a target, we will ask the manufacturer to present a complete information package for our review.

    Product Accreditations:

    CE, FDA or other country-related accreditations.

    Product References Evaluation:

    A reference list should be submitted for cross reference.

    Current Competitors Evaluation:

    Competitors' analysis is a very important step in approving a target product to be integrated to our portfolio. What’s the key FABs of this target product vs. competitors.

    Product Manufacturer Evaluation:

    Target product manufacturer will be evaluated in respect of communication style, responsiveness, flexibility, seriousness, pricing, product support plans and after sales support proposal.

    Launching Plan:

    At the time that all the above mentioned steps have fulfilled, the target product will be supported by ESD for a swift delivery to the KOLs.


    With the first positive signs from our market’s KOLs, ESD will call the manufacturer for a series of In-house presentations at the main reference centers for demonstrations and clinical workshops.

    Demonstration & Evaluation:

    A further very important step is to evaluate the target product through live demonstration as a mandatory step to be approved by the end user.

    Feedback Verification:

    The final step is to achieve end user satisfaction and approval.

    Decision Making:

    The target product now is integrated to our portfolio to enjoy our full support.

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