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A commitment that never ends..

Today, El Seif Development is recognized as the largest supplier of medical equipment and systems in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Over the last 10 years, the company has recorded an average of 19% annual growth in its turnover and, since its establishment as a limited liability company, it has successfully installed medical equipment, systems and software worth around US $1 billion.

The health care sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken huge strides over the last few decades. We, at El Seif, are proud to have made a significant contribution to this development. El Seif Development was set-up in 1975 by Khaled El Seif as an establishment, marking the entry of El Seif in health care. In 1983, Mohammed El Seif re-established it as a limited liability company. It was about this time that the Company consolidated its position and laid the basis of a strong structure, in anticipation of what was to come.

Offering a whole range of products that cater to every speciality in a hospital, El Seif Development Group focuses on consultancy services and execution of turnkey health care projects. It has a number of joint-ventures with European and U.S. companies in the medical field in Saudi Arabia. It has shareholdings in private hospitals, and its investments extend to the field of environment protection amongst others. The El Seif Development Group is a part of the larger El Seif Group that includes engineering and contracting divisions and companies specializing in the management and operation of hospitals. The El Seif Group ranks among the topmost companies of Saudi Arabia.

Leadership in an industry entails certain responsibilities. Having recorded a high level of Saudisation, and evolved training schemes for Saudi graduates jointly with its international partners, El Seif Development has emerged as a role model for other companies to emulate. As part of its commitment to society, El Seif has, over the last 10 years, funded several seminars and symposia on medical subjects in different parts of Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of international speakers were sponsored, and thousands of doctors, medical technicians, businessmen and other professionals have benefited by interacting with these eminent authorities. In recognition of its commitment to the policies of the government, El Seif Development has received several awards and commendations.

The hallmark of the Group's success has been its deep commitment to its customers, business partners, employees, and above all, a very strong commitment to the citizens of Saudi Arabia

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